still alive!

Greetings friends, family! We’re just popping in to apologize for our absence from the blog! Arabic school has been grueling so far, and we’ve been fortunate to even make a few friends, so out time is quite limited. I hope to upload a few million pictures in the next couple days, so we’ll post again soon.


good morning!

Lauren here, official blog photographer.

By “morning” I actually mean “3:30PM.” Jet lag is clearly going to be an issue. We both got a great night’s sleep last night though! For whatever reason the call to prayer didn’t wake us up at all last night. I’m not sure if that means we were both completely unconscious, or that our room is sound-proofed.

I just wanted to pop in to let you know there’s a link to my pictures in the sidebar. I’ll be posting snippets here from time to time, but you can always click that link to see the full album.

Here’s a look at our room, before our suitcases exploded all over the place.

…and the view out our window when we got up this morning afternoon.

We’re looking forward to meeting another flatmate or two today!

Front Matter

A quick note on the title of our blog:

(Dictionary of Greek and Roman Geography, 1854)

CRYPTUS PORTUS (Κρυπτὸς λιμήν), at the straits of the Persian gulf (Ptol. 6.7), by some supposed to be represented by the modern Sohar. Mr. Forster maintains it to be identical with the Amithoscuta of Pliny, and finds it at Muscat inOmán. (Arabia, vol. ii. pp. 231–233.) “Its name, ‘the hidden harbour,’ is clearly descriptive, and it is descriptive exclusively of Muscat: for this port is represented, by the latest authorities, as so shut out from the sea by the rocks which encompass this noble harbour, that the first sight of the entrance is obtained only on the actual approach of the vessel in front of the basin before the town.” Thus, Mr. Fraser says, “the entrance is so little conspicuous, that a stranger unacquainted with the black rocks that surround it, would scarcely detect it, on arriving from sea.”